You want to get a V-shaped figure with more muscle mass on top, and slightly less in the background? Improve your posture with a good education and a balanced diet. You can realistically plan something for you, contact a physical trainer. Work consistently and eat right. Men can get the following with appropriate training pecs, moderately strong muscular arms, shoulder muscles, strong calf muscles, leg round and muscular buttocks.

Eat plenty of Foods rich in protein such as fish, lean meats, cheeses, which are lean, seafood, mushrooms and sprouted grams. Some seeds such as almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds also contain elements of the protein in them. Eggs are rich in protein and should be consumed in moderation. They are rich in cholesterol and can increase the unwanted fat deposits. Carbohydrates are another important thing is to be added to your plate.

Avoid Foods high in fat and sugar. Eat plenty of high carbohydrate content. Foods such as corn bread full of whole grain bread, peas, lentils, beans or grains, good for the content of Carbohydrates in them. Fruits and raw vegetables add fiber to your diet. A V-shaped figure with more muscle mass is attractive for everyone, and regardless of your constitution you can reach the desired result if you work hard enough.

In addition to sports nutrition is very important. Perform regular exercise to adequate food. Eat meat, fish and other dairy products to stay in shape. Add a lot of calcium in the diet to strengthen your muscles. Milk and milk products are to help realize a lot of football. If you are a girl and you want to achieve the lean body, then you need to develop healthy food choices, you feel energetic and of course the burden. Exercise reduces stress and keeps your energy up.

Staying physically and mentally fit. It is better to use also, and more life. You live longer if they are well physically and mentally.