Banana is a naturally nutritionally rich fruit that offers many health benefits. Bananas are available throughout the year at a very low cost. Banana has full of 3 types of natural sugars i.e. Sucrose, Fructose and Glucose which gives us plenty of energy. Bananas are eaten raw, in the form of fruit salad, used in desserts and added in smoothies. So check out the health benefits of bananas given below:

  1. Good For Heart, Nerves & Blood Pressure: Bananas is high in potassium & low level of salt, which helps to keep your heart beats normal, good in shape and regulate the blood pressure. Bananas helps to reduce the risk of heart attack.
  2. Bananas Provide Extra Energy: Bananas are good source of vitamins and minerals so they provides more energy to the body. If you feel tired while doing exercises or workouts, then eat 1-2 bananas to get extra more energy.
  3. Strong Bones & Metabolism: Banana contain high amount of manganese which fulfil your daily needs and also good for bones and metabolism.
  4. Good Source of Iron: If you are suffering with iron deficiency, then you can start eating bananas to prevent it. Bananas are rich in iron and can complete the daily need of iron to your body. It also helps to make blood to clot during injury with the help of hemoglobin.
  5. Development & Growth of New Cells: Pyridoxine (also called Vitamin B-6) also found in bananas, which is very useful in the development and growth of new cells. Approx. 35 % daily requirement of vitamin B-6 provides only eating one banana.
  6. Good For Bowel Health: Bananas has ability to stop constipation due to rich in fiber that helps to restore and maintain the regular bowel functions.
  7. High Nutrient Absorption: Banana contain huge amount of fructooligosaccharide (FOS), which mix with insulin promotes calcium absorption and helps to nourish the healthy bacteria in the colon that produce vitamins and digestive enzymes that gives energy to the body & ability to absorb the nutrients.
  8. Banana Peels Used To Treat Warts: Banana peel has proven power to heel the warts on human body. If you have a wart on your feet, then wrapped it with banana outside peel regularly for better results.
  9. Used as Face Pack For Glowing Skin: Used in different facial masks, bananas offer the best results for a glowing skin. Banana plup also fight wrinkles and moisturize your dead and dry skin naturally.
  10. Useful In Morning Sickness: Oftenly many women feels morning sickness, prevents this by eating 1-2 bananas on the empty stomach.

In brief bananas has many other health benefits like used to itching of insect and mosquito bites. Protect your eye sight, used as rugged nut, counteract the urinary calcium loss, cell proliferation which thickens the stomach mucosa. Mood improvement, increasing memory, reduce menstrual pains and many more. So start eating at least one banana in your daily diet to get prevention these diseases.