Celine Dion is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and famous singers in the world. Dion emerged as a young star in the French-speaking world after her manager and future husband, Rene Angelil, mortgaged her house to finance her first album. After selling millions of albums worldwide Celine was crowned as a diva who has an extraordinary voice. According to Sony Music Entertainment, Dion has sold over 200 million albums worldwide.

Celine Dion’s Weight?
105 lbs

Celine Dion’s Height?
5′ 7″

Celine Dion’s Measurements?
34-25-35 (75-62-77)

Celine Dion’s Workout:

In her workout routine, she doesn’t exercises at any gym but only loves to playing golf. This kind of activity is actually considered a good form of cardiovascular exercise that’s obviously good for the heart. It helps in lowering down the cholesterol level, speeds up the person’s metabolic process, thus effective in losing weight. It is said that a round of golf can actually burn as much as 300 calories in a person weight 150 pounds who plays gold for an hour while carrying his or her clubs. But if the person prefers to ride the cart, it can burn only 230 calories.

Dion appears to have lost the 40 pounds she gained while pregnant, as evidenced by her tiny waist in a body-hugging Armani Prive gown during her Oscar performance of Smile.

Furthermore Celine Dion admits that she never minds her weight is…

“For me it’s not important. I’m not a model. I’m going to find the dress that’s going to fit the body at the time. But it happened to be that the weight loss happened very rapidly and I’m very lucky genetically.“

“I was in shape my whole life and a few weeks after the birth of Rene my weight went back to a normal level. Without any sport, without any diet, just healthy food and a lot of water” she shares.

“I’m not worried about my figure and I never have. In any case, I’m not going on any diet because I want to breastfeed.”

Celine Dion’s Diet Plan:

Celine Dion’s diet plan consist of portion control diet. She likes to drink V8 juices. The famous singer rejected all of the junk and processed foods from her meal plan. Celine Dion only eats salads and raw vegetables, it is not true because she just set the intake of food that she consumes every day so that she could have a body shape like today.

It’s not true that I would eat only salad and raw vegetables as the rumors says.