Many wonder what it takes to have twins, triplets or more. While having twins is sometimes an act of fate, parents of multiples say some common factors created their chances of conceiving them. Many of these are not scientifically proven, but more rooted in tradition or personal experience. So, find out some valuable tips to conceive twins and explore these methods, from folic acid to fertility drugs, to increase your likelihood of having twins.

Those women who have been blessed to Conceive twins are said to have come from a family of twins. Part of this is true for the ability to hyperovulate is hereditary and a woman can possibly inherit this from the maternal side. Of course this may be one of the most obvious ways to Conceive twins. But, there are also other factors that could stimulate a woman’s hyperovulation process that could lead to multiple births.

1. Think Folic Acid

In order to increase the chances of conceiving twins, it is advisable to consume folic acid on a daily basis. It is a known fact that folic acid helps in the conception of a baby. However, not many people are aware that folic acid can actually help in the conception of twins too. The chances of woman who takes the supplement giving birth to a pair of twins are much higher than the chances of a woman who doesn’t. That’s as good as a fact. For best results, it is advisable to ingest folic acid a month before initiating the process of conceiving twins.

2. Gain Weight

Although gaining weight for the sake of gaining weight isn’t healthy, it does increase your odds when trying to Conceive twins. If you have a BMI of 30 or higher, you are at an advantage, because you are much more likely to Conceive twins then a skinny woman. Women who are tall are also more likely to have twins.

3. Build Awareness

The third and foremost thing you will need to Conceive a pair of twins is awareness. Not awareness on the political scenario of your country, but awareness on the female birth cycle. It is this awareness that can help you get that much closer to conceiving a pair of twins. In fact the best way to get successful when it comes to conceiving twins is to have sexual intercourse during the ‘fertile time’ of the cycle. If you are not aware of when the ‘fertile time’ in the female cycle occurs, you can always consult a gynecologist.

4. Eat Dairy Products

According to a recent study by Dr. Gary Steinman, a physician at Long Island Jewish Medical Center who is well known for research on multiple birth pregnancies, women who eat dairy are five times more likely to Conceive twins than women who don’t. Dr. Steinman’s study compared women who ate a regular diet with vegan women and vegetarian women who consumed dairy products. Vegans appear to be less likely to Conceive twins according to the study. In fact, it may not be so much that consuming dairy increases your chances of having twins. But rather, that consuming milk or other dairy products from growth hormone treated cows increases your chances of having twins.

5. Conceive While Breastfeeding

Another tips to conceive twins is conception during breastfeeding. Although some women never ovulate while breastfeeding, others for whatever reason have disproved that theory and end up with more then one! According to research, the breastfeeding does cause some women to release more than one egg while ovulating.

6. Pile On The Pounds

Yes, you read that right! Piling on the pounds is your safest bet when trying to Conceive twins. It has been proven that women with slightly higher fat percentages are more likely to give birth to a pair of twins. However, you will have to exercise caution when it comes to binge eating, because there really is nothing good about it. Stay well within the boundaries of healthy eating while staying away from redundant and excessively strict diets.

7. Use fertility Drugs

Women undergoing fertility treatments, such as Clomid are more likely to hyper-ovulate. Also, a woman who gets IVF (in vitro fertilization) usually have about 3 fertilized eggs/ babies inserted into them, making the likelihood of all 3 or 2 of them surviving very great.

In conclusion, if you plan to get pregnant and you want twins, unfortunately you can’t do much other than leave things to chance. These tips to conceive twins listed above only increase the chances of twin pregnancy, without guaranteeing it. In addition, sometimes they come with exposed risks.