Life can be testy and downright miserable, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, life does have its up and downs and you should expect to endure failure a number of times on your journey. However, there are four ways you can keep yourself emotionally happy and healthy through the good times and the bad. So, let’s find out the keys to a good life

Always Have a Good Attitude

Psychologists all believe that people who have a good attitude and positive outlook, regardless of their situation, live longer than people who are pessimistic. This is true. Stress is incredibly hard on the body. Prolonged stress can result in the narrowing of the arteries, which ultimately leads to heart failure. Too much stress will also reduce your immune system, making your body much more susceptible to illness. If only negative people knew this, they wouldn’t be so miserable.

A good attitude will give your body an extra boost. You will have more energy and you will also be able to think clearly. When a bad situation arises, you will be able to deal with it and cope with it much better than a person who is depressed. More importantly, your positive attitude will attract people to you.

Have an Open Mind

The degree of success people achieve in their career depends on how open minded they are. While, it’s important to be cautious and to protect yourself from potentially harmful situations, being overly cautious is unhealthy. Doubt and fear are people’s biggest enemies. These enemies cause many people to fall into pitfalls when it comes to making important choices in life. They are what lead to close-mindedness and repeated failure.

An open mind is the one and only remedy for fear and doubt. To have an open mind you must realize that life is all about risk. Taking on a new job is just as much a risk as getting a book published is. If your heart tells you to take a job or write a book, do it. Your heart will never lie to you. If you don’t succeed the first time round, you will the second time. When you have an open mind, new opportunities will present themselves.

Have a Good Diet

Healthy food is good for the body, spirit and mind. A good diet will enhance your thinking process, mood and bodily functions. Eat foods that contain balanced portions of protein, carbohydrates, nutrients and fiber, and stretch your meals over the course of the day if your schedule permits. Also, minimize your intake of sugary foods, especially those that contain artificial colors and trans fats.

Exercise Regularly

When work and people get you down, or you start to drift off in the middle of the day, you know it’s time for a break. When you’re not at work, engage in workout activities at the gym, or take yourself on long walks. Exercise stimulates the flow of blood in your brain and in your body, which is instrumental in generating energy. Exercise also relaxes the brain, reducing any stress or anxiety you might be feeling over your work. Enough exercise will keep your body strong and fit.

Most people exercise only a few times a month, or sometimes, less. This is not healthy. The key to maintaining a healthy life is to exercise regularly. So, fit it into your schedule and establish an exercise routine.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, a good attitude and an open mind are the keys to living a healthy and happy life. If everyone abided to these simple guidelines, this world would be a much better place to live in.