Foods That Promote GI Health

Constipation can be a major issue in everyone’s life and put a halt to enjoyable activities, employment, even eating. In this article we will discuss what foods to eat to keep your gastrointestinal (GI) system regular and constipation free. The foods for a healthy GI system should contain prebiotic, fibers and potential anti-inflammatory properties.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is difficulty in having a bowel movement or having a BM that is difficult to pass, dry and hard in appearance. Every person’s body is on a different BM schedule. However, the golden rule is every person should have a BM every three days to have a normally functioning bowel.

Water is Your New Best Friend

Many people who experience constipation tend to lay off eating and drinking normal quantities of food and beverages. In truth, when one is constipated they need to increase their water consumption.

Water will help soften the BM that is traveling slowly and lubricate the GI system for comfort. Drinking less water will induce constipation, as the GI system takes the water from foods in the colon and returns it to the body for use. Water is the bodies greatest ally in the fight against constipation.

Foods for a Beautiful Colon

The good news for those with chronic constipation is that with proper nutrition and water intake, constipation can be controlled or eliminated for one’s lifestyle. Here are some foods one can utilize for a regular GI system.

High fiber foods – such as raw vegetables, legumes, bran, and multigrain items are great for colon protection as they retain water and soften the stool.

Coffee and Prunes – These two items can chemically trigger a bowel movement to occur. Just remember coffee can be a dehydration agent so following a cup of coffee with a glass of water will keep the colon in top shape.

Fruits and Berries – Raw fruits such as, apples, oranges, grapefruit and berries of any type are also natural fibrous agents that can help trigger more frequent bowel movements and keep the colon soft. Apples are particularly good for constipation as they are an excellent source of fiber.

Flaxseed – Excellent to sprinkle on salads or bake in breads and other dishes. Flaxseed has a yummy flavor and is also a wonderful source of fiber. Remember to buy crushed flaxseed and use sparingly. Just a little goes a long way.

Drinking plenty of water and adding natural foods to one’s diet will guarantee a healthy colon and happy body.