After doing various studies on diabetes in our India, we found that each and every diabetic patients has some myths and facts about diabetes. They don’t know the common things, problems, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, so they do all the things they listen or hear to someone. Either they are right or wrong, doesn’t matters. Before following any instruction regarding diabetes, kindly check out the myths and facts about diabetes. So time to check out the some common myths and facts about diabetes with low blood sugar reaction as follows:



Myth :  Diabetes is a disease which will be cured.

FACT : Diabetes is a deficiency which has to be controlled.

Myth : Person having diabetes cannot lead a normal life.

FACT :A person with diabetes can lead an absolutely normal life if they effectively control the condition.

Myth : Insulin is the last resorts in treatment of diabetes.

FACT : Insulin is never the last resort in the control of diabetes. You require insulin if your type of diabetes demands it. One should never avoid taking insulin if the doctor advice insulin injections. It could lead to severe complications.

Myth : You can stop treatment if it seems like the diabetes is under control.

FACT : Treatment should never be stopped until the doctor advice’s so.

Myth : Experiencing no health problems means that Diabetes is under proper control.

FACT : A person with uncontrolled diabetes may still seem to be in good health. Normal levels of blood sugar is a proper indication of control of Diabetes.

Myth : If a person starts taking insulin injections, he has to take it for his entire life.

FACT : A person receives insulin when their pancreas cannot produce the required amount of insulin. When a person takes insulin injections, it allows the pancreas to rest, potentially enabling it to regain its ability to produce insulin. If this occurs, doctors can discontinue the insulin injections and switch the person back to tablets.


Diabetics treated with tablets/insulin can get hypoglycemia.

Symptoms : Sweating shakiness, trembling, excessive sudden hunger, palpitations, headache etc.

What should you do ?  Eat one of these foods immediately :-

1/2 cup of fruit juice or 1 cup of sweetened milk or 2-3 teaspoon of sugar.

Precautions :  Keep food that contains sugar with you at all time. Carry identification that says you have diabetes.