Being constipated is easily one of the most uncomfortable feelings that you will ever have to endure. Fortunately, you can take care of the situation by doing simple things like getting enough exercise or drinking more water. If you have more of a chronic issue with constipation it might be time to speak to a medical professional. You might also be looking for other, all natural ways to treat constipation.

You have undoubtedly heard of taking fiber supplements in order to relieve constipation. But have you heard of using baking soda for constipation? Try to mix baking soda and water together when you have indigestion as an very effective natural treatment. Also, this is an effective treatment for constipation in the absence of fiber supplements. In some cases it is used in conjunction with these supplements and other treatments.

Use baking soda to relieve pain in the rectal area by bathing with warm water and baking soda. If you have hemorrhoids as a direct result of chronic constipation, you might be using both of these treatments at the same time. Of course, you should not automatically assume that you can take as much as you want just because it is an all natural treatment. If you take too much, it can cause a whole host of health problems.

Generally speaking, baking soda and water is a safe treatment for constipation. If you have any doubt, you should speak with a healthcare professional to clear up the concerns you might have. Other than that, as long as you take it in moderation you should not expect to have a lot of problems. But if you don’t feel right after taking it, stop doing so immediately.

If you notice that you are having a lot of muscle spasms or severe cramps, it might be a sign that you are taking too much so you should back off a little. The next time that you have constipation, give this treatment a try and find out if it works for you? The results of the natural ways to treat constipation might pleasantly surprise you. This is especially true if you find yourself dealing with constipation several times a week and nothing you have done thus far has provided you with any measurable relief.